A New Study Shows This Vitamin Could Prevent Miscarriages and Birth Defects

Nicole Singh

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With breaking news of the potential medical breakthrough for miscarriages and birth defects making waves today, it's almost hard to believe that the experience of women expecting a child can be changed drastically just by including the readily available vitamin B3 into their supplement regime.

As reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, according to research conducted by the Victor Chang Cardiac Institute, low levels of a molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) means that embryos can suffer damage in those precious early weeks of pregnancy. The study also found that vitamin B3 (also known as niacin) taken leading up to and during a pregnancy could prevent these miscarriages and defects caused by NAD deficiency.

During the study, the team of researchers discovered the NAD connection when identifying two gene mutations found in families who had a history of miscarriages and babies with birth defects, both affecting the pathway that produced NAD. Pregnant mice with matching gene mutations were then given niacin in their drinking water, getting rid of these defects completely. 

And while we know that there's a plethora of advice out there for soon-to-be mothers promising healthier babies (sometimes an overwhelming amount) it seems that head professor, Sally Dunwoodie is adamant of its effects, telling The Sydney Morning Herald: "This has the potential to significantly reduce the number of miscarriage and birth defects around the world, and I do not use those words lightly." It seems that the online hype is justified too, with this being one of the most significant pregnancy findings from Australia in nearly a decade.

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