First Thing: How This New York-Based Model Starts Her Morning

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Victoria Lee is the definition of beauty—not only does she have a face so pretty you instinctively do a double take at every meet, and a mane so perfectly tousled that it would make even Rapunzel envious, but the Narrandera-born New York-based model has a personality so genuinely warm that it feels a privilege to be in her company. And it’s because of this rare combination that she has taken the modelling world by storm ever since she first took her very deserving place in front of the camera over 10 years ago.

At just 26 years old, Lee boasts one very impressive portfolio—she’s walked the runway for the likes of Ralph Lauren and DVF, graced the pages of French ELLE and Italian Vanity Fair, and fronted campaigns for international brands such as Calvin Klein and Victoria's Secret.

Unsurprisingly, Lee has a morning routine to be reckoned with. A protein-fuelled breakfast, a sweat-inducing workout, and a brisk walk through the bustling streets of The Big Apple prepares her for her day ahead. Scroll down to be inspired by the morning routine of this Australian country girl who we predict will soon become a household name. 

6.15 a.m. I'm a morning person, it's my favourite time of day. Ideally I get up as soon as I wake up (however, this won't happen if I’m jetlagged!) and the first thing I do is have a big drink of water. I keep my morning skin care routine really simple—I’ll splash some water on my face and always wear SPF 50+ moisturiser. I then water my little house plants if they need it—I love having greenery and fresh flowers in my apartment, I find them so calming and uplifting.

7.00 a.m. I'll quickly phone home and speak to my family in Australia before they go to sleep. If I speak to them often, it seems like they're right around the corner and feel less far away. I'll brush my teeth, throw some workout clothes on and head out the door for some form of exercise. I'll either go to a class—such as Ballet Beautiful, boxing, SLT—or take a walk along the West Side Highway. I prefer to work out in the morning as it wakes me up and I find I'm always more productive during the day.

8.30 a.m. I'm usually ravenous by this point and I can't function without breakfast, so regardless of what my plan is for the day I will always eat something. I like to listen to NPR Radio or music while making scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado and a coffee with my new Bialetti coffee maker. While I’m having my coffee, I’ll check my emails and read the New Yorker. If I have to be out the door quickly, I’ll have a chocolate protein shake and jump in the shower. I have a few favourite coffee shops by me, it depends on if I have to go uptown or downtown as to where I will go, so if I can't make one myself, I like to pick one up on the way to work.

9.30 a.m. Normally by this time I’ll be at work, but if I have time off, I’m usually following up on emails, washing, running errands or planning to catch up with a friend. I live in Chelsea so I'm able to walk pretty much everywhere (unless I haven't left myself enough time, which happens fairly often, and then I’ll take the subway—it's often much safer than risking sitting in traffic). I love walking through Washington Square Park if I’m heading downtown—it's lovely no matter what season, I also love watching the dogs in the dog park. Whatever follows, I find this routine sets me up for a great day.

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