Victoria Beckham Knows All the Ways to Be Happy—Try It Today


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Victoria Beckham is that woman you look at and think How does she do it? The female powerhouse juggles four kids, doting husband David Beckham, and running her own successful fashion house effortlessly—and dare we say she does it all without even a hair falling out of place?

But even an icon like Victoria has a mood-lifting trick up her sleeve reserved for tougher days, according to a recent article on Well + Good. Beckham relies on dressing herself happy some mornings by draping herself in bold red hues, which are known to symbolise strength, power, passion, and love.

"Now’s a time to be positive and optimistic," she recently told Elle. "Red is a strong, happy, optimistic colour, and I like having fun with it, you know?" For those who may be less inclined to wear such bright colours but still want a positive mood lift, try redecorating your bedroom with the shade.

Visit Well + Good to read more about Victoria's mood-boosting technique, and share your ultimate pick-me-ups in the comments. 

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