Discover Insider Secrets From an Interior Icon

Sacha Strebe

When you work in a creative industry, there’s always something new to learn. Whether it’s a cutting-edge technique to master or a different process that challenges the way you think, each of them helps you to grow personally and professionally. This is especially crucial in the fast-paced world of interiors, where clients are hungry for the new look, design, or style to update their home or office. So when you have the opportunity to discover the secrets of a world-renowned interior designer, you’d be mad not to take it. Well, now is your chance. Vicente Wolf has been at the top of the Manhattan design industry for over 35 years. The interior icon will share how he got there, with tips on how to run a successful design business, at his "Learning to See" design seminar in New York next month. The two-day course is an inside look at the creative and business sides of interior design, featuring creative director and author Linda O’Keeffe as a guest speaker. Then when the learning is over, the fun really begins, with an exclusive cocktail party at Vicente’s private NYC loft to celebrate. 

Visit Vicente’s website for more details and ticket information.

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