Could You Skip Meat for a Week? This Vegetarian Meal Planner Makes It a Cinch

Sophie Miura

The word vegetarian might conjure images of limp lettuce and bland Buddha bowls that leave you wanting more, but we've got news for you: Ditching fish and meat doesn't mean you have to subsist on salads.

It's not about what you can't eat. Quite the opposite—adopting a vegetarian diet encourages you to explore flavour-rich vegetables, legumes, and grains you might have previously looked past on a menu. Bonus: Studies suggest it's associated with a ton of health benefits, from having a lower body weight and better cholesterol levels to even living longer.

To get started, we've drafted a vegetarian meal planner with seven simple, hearty recipes to try each night this week. Ranging from portobello mushroom tacos on Monday to spaghetti squash with rainbow chard on Saturday, it's proof that your favourite comfort food can be healthy, too.


The Meal: Poblano Mushroom Tacos With Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

The Recipe: Monday night dinner should always be quick and easy, and this vegetarian taco recipe fits the bill. Preparation takes 15 minutes and involves mixing kale with pineapple, jalapeños, and corriander before combining with sautéed mushrooms in a warm tortilla.

The Hero Ingredient: Mushrooms prove to be the perfect meat substitute in this flavour-packed dish.


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