5 Vegan Pasta Recipes That Are Incredibly Easy to Make

Sabrina Paparella

Pasta is perhaps one of the single most important dishes a cook can have in their repertoire. Versatile, comforting, simple to throw together—let's be honest, we could go on and on about pasta's many virtues. In its versatility, pasta is a useful ally for any who find themselves following niche diets. Need it to be gluten-free? No problem, pasta can do that. Have an allergy? Pasta can avoid whatever you need it to. Want something vegetarian or vegan? It's cool, pasta's got your back.

Maybe you're considering a plant-based diet or perhaps you're in need of a recipe that's just right for a vegan guest. Take a deep breath—as stated previously, there is no problem pasta can't fix. In case you were under the illusion that vegan cooking is difficult, we are here to prove you totally wrong with five recipes that artfully blend pasta and veggies. A meal without animal products can indeed be easy to make, filling, and not leave you with a sky-high grocery bill. Keep reading for five vegan pasta recipes that you can throw together in no time without sacrificing taste (or fullness).

Now that dinner's covered, indulge your sweet tooth with nine irresistible vegan desserts.

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