Here's Where to Order Valentine's Day Flowers Online

Julia Millay Walsh

In February 2003, Deborah Needleman, the former editor-in-chief of Domino, who currently helms T Magazine, penned an article on Slate titled “War of the Web Roses,” for which she ordered dozens of roses from various different online florists and reviewed them. She made the very obvious observation that nationwide florists generally suck for numerous reasons, namely, style, customer service, and longevity.

As it turns out, 12 years later, all but one of the florists Needleman recommended have gone out of business, and the bottom three she tested (all big names and “initials” in the floral business) are still going strong, winning the SEO and branding wars despite tacky filler flowers and blooms that wilt within days. Luckily, since then, a number of new online florists with all-around great product have “bloomed” in the marketplace and a few reputable oldies are still going strong. So in this high season of roses and little cards that say, "I love you," we thought we’d share our favourite places to order flowers online.

Scroll below for seven florists that have earned our seal of approval.

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