The Most Decadent Valentine's Day Desserts

Katie Sweeney

This Valentine’s Day, instead of reaching for the cliché box of chocolates, why not tie on a heart-print apron instead? Grab the mixing bowls, put on your favourite love song playlist, and whip up a delicious home-baked treat for you and your loved ones to enjoy together! It’s far more rewarding to dig into a homemade red velvet layer cake than it is to bite into the inevitable bad pick from a box of mixed chocolates. If you think you don’t have time to make a batch of heart-shaped brownies, think again. Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, so set aside time now to channel your inner Ace of Cakes. You can even make an event of it and ask your sweetheart to join you for a romantic afternoon in the kitchen. Pour some rosé, nibble on a slice of cheese, and put together a berry tiramisu. Need inspiration? Here are 10 of the most decadent Valentine’s Day desserts around.

Fancy Ice-Cream



If baking really isn't your forte, head to your closest store, and pick up a chic and equally delicious Australian-designer inspired Magnum for you and your S.O. That way, your guaranteed a successful evening. 

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