A Lonely Planet Editor Reveals the Top 8 Places to Visit Before You Die

Sophie Miura

There are only a handful of job titles that seem to elicit universal career envy. MaSovaida Morgan has one of them. The Nashville local is Lonely Planet's Destination Editor for South America. Yes, it's her job to research travel destinations every day and discover far-flung pockets of paradise to share with those of us at home who are dreaming of an exotic vacation. 

So far, the intrepid traveller has hiked through the Andes, learned the traditional Rapa Nui dance in Easter Island, and even ridden a Sky Bike in Equador, peddling on a wire 200 feet above a river gorge. Yes, if there's one person who's skilled to dish travel advice, it's her.

Given her enviable day job, we were curious to find out what destinations appear on the travel pro's bucket list. So, we asked her: What are the greatest places in the world you've visited, and what are the top spots you can't wait to see? Curious to see what's on a Lonely Planet editor's bucket list? Take a look…

Tell us, what's on your bucket list?

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