Here's What You Have to Earn to Buy a House in Every U.S. City

Dana Covit

Are you ready for this? Turns out New York City is not the priciest city in the United States to live. Not even in the top three! 

Whether you're a homeowner considering packing your bags for a brand new city, or are inching ever-so-cautiously towards making the plunge into home ownership, you're going to want to pay attention., the nation's largest publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information, has just released a study that explores just how much it really will cost you to buy a medium-sized home in the United States in various metro areas, and the results are quite illuminating. 

The study found that, as you may have guessed, the financial requirements for owning a home in metropolitan centres have been on the rise, with prices up a full 25 per cent over the past three years on average. So how much does your salary need to be if you want to buy a home in Los Angeles or New York City? What about Atlanta, Baltimore, or Seattle? Read below to find out.

  • Pittsburgh: $31,716.32 annual salary
  • Atlanta: $35,800.11 annual salary
  • Baltimore: $52,661.96 annual salary
  • Chicago: $54,346.62 annual salary
  • Portland: $60,603.50 annual salary
  • Denver: $61,642.15 annual salary
  • Seattle: $72,844.31 annual salary
  • Washington, D.C.: $77,394.82 annual salary
  • New York City: $87,535.60 annual salary
  • Los Angeles: $89,664.86 annual salary
  • San Diego: $95,432.68 annual salary
  • San Francisco: $142,448.33 annual salary 


Is your city not listed here? Head over to to find the stats on your hometown.

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