How to Visit Every Major U.S. Landmark in Less Than 10 Days

Dana Covit

The United States has so many incredible attractions, landmarks, and historic sites, but really, who's got the time? Well, if you knew it took less than 10 days to see it all, would you? Discovery recently tasked a doctoral student to plot the optimum roadtrip route around the entire country with one single goal in mind: See every major U.S. landmark in every state of the contiguous United States. The result, which takes us to 50 total National Natural Landmarks, National Historic Sites, National Parks, and/or National Monuments, represents a mix of historical prominence and natural wonder, and would take around 9.33 days to complete, according to the map's mastermind, Randy Olson of Michigan State University. OK, in reality, the trip would take two or three months, but still, that's a small time frame. Check out the map, and the full list of 50 landmarks—the White House, the Breakers of Rhode Island, the Grand Canyon, and the Alamo among them—by heading over to Discovery now.

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