Found: The Most Versatile Colours to Style Your Home With (Other Than White)

Nicole Singh

Courtesy of Dulux. Styling: Bree Leech / Photography: Mike Baker

"Home is where the heart is” is a commonly coined term that we couldn’t agree more with. Not only should your home embody rest, love, and reconnection, but it should serve as a reflection of who you are and your taste. We’ve mentioned before that colour is a great way to diversify the aesthetic in your home, but according to Dulux colour expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, it’s also a way to segment the rooms of your home into clearly defined purposes. “Colour is so important in your home as it personalises your space and makes your home truly yours. Colour also gives your home a certain feel, it helps define spaces and creates moods for specific functions in those spaces.”

Lucena-Orr also believes that as autumn rolls around we will be seeing more warm, earthy tones, "Natural earthy colours and textures will be coming to the fore and there will be ever more appreciates for the splendour of imperfection." And truth be told, we can’t wait to take this grounded approach into our interior styling. So, to help us on our quest to ditch minimalism, and really explore and take risks with our tastes we asked Lucena-Orr for expert tips on incorporating this versatile colour palette into our spaces. Read on for some inspiring ideas. 


Courtesy of Dulux. Styling: Bree Leech / Photography: Mike Baker

For those wanting to ditch the minimalist trend, how can they bring these colours into their home, without it being too risky?

An easy way to slowly ease into it is by adding colour in the master bedroom. This space is a personal one, so it's low risk to add a colour you've always wanted. It can also be as simple as adding a front door colour to start your journey. Move from the front door into the entry and add a welcoming colour, then the hallway and spaces beyond.

Do you think these new colour offerings will be trending in the cooler months?  

The autumn palette is a gorgeous display of colour. All of these colours are very versatile and welcoming and are very earth-inspired shades from nature. They can easily transpire into a nurturing feel for those cooler months, especially with the warmer hues such as Dulux Very TerracottaSassy and Maiko.

Why are these colours so popular at the moment?  

These earth-based hues are so easy to live with and surprisingly versatile in scheming with other colours. We are seeing these colours in fashion which has inspired interiors in textiles, tiles, furniture and accessories. These are colours you can mix and match with other earth based hues or with neutrals, greys and whites.

How would you style these colours for your home?

I would by start simply by adding colour into the master bedroom—it could be as simple as one wall behind your bed or all four walls if you wanted to create a full effect. Then, I would bring in some of the other colours from the palette in soft furnishings in bed linen and cushions, this will start your autumnal feel and you can build on this from there.

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