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Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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We’ve all heard those standard career tips, how we should go the extra mile, find a profession we love, never give up, and seize opportunities (plus all the other common pieces of advice) in order to progress. So when Business Insider recently featured the invaluable career advice that we haven’t heard a million times before from a Quora survey, we were instantly inspired. Successful professionals from around the world answered the question, “What are a few pieces of unique career advice that nobody ever mentions?” and the results are completely refreshing, to say the least. Career girls, read on.

Don’t overload yourself

“Don't look too busy. I've seen smart and dedicated employees fail to get promoted because they have taken on too much, worked too hard, and appeared too frazzled. If you appear stressed, people will think you aren't prepared to take on more, and you'll miss opportunities for new and innovative projects.” — Mira Zaslove

Say yes to social invitations

“In a new job, accept those first few invitations to lunch or happy hour. If you decline them, for whatever reason, they will stop, and you may find yourself an inadvertent outsider.” — Laura Cooke

Seek out new tasks

“As you move up, your future success depends on doing unassigned work and responsibilities. Anyone who made it past the hiring process can do the assigned job at the company, but it takes a lot more to deliver value to the company that wasn't assigned or even thought of.” — Victor Wong

Help others

“Help others even if there is no direct benefit to yourself. It takes so little energy to answer questions, provide referrals, open doors, etc., for people who need your help, even if doing so offers you nothing immediate in return. Your efforts will be rewarded in the future in wholly unexpected ways.” — Scott Wainner

Maintain relationships

“The network of people you know who leave your current company are often times more valuable to you than those with your company.” — James Schek

Acknowledge your weaknesses

“The weaknesses that you're unaware of will hurt you the most. This is your blind spot. You must determine your hidden weaknesses and work to overcome them, and you're going to need help from others to do this.” — David Osborne

Learn from others

When you want to learn some skill, look around for someone who is already good at it. Then just watch what they do, and copy it. Find what works for you, and modify it to your own abilities and style.” — John Caprani

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