30 Uncommon Baby Names We Can Totally Get Behind

Fun fact: My parents named my older brother and me basically the same thing. He is Michael, and I'm Michelle (our mum and dad swear they didn't know they were doing it at the time, which we find hysterical). There were few Michelles born my year, but for some reason everyone born in the late '80s like my brother was called Michael. There were no fewer than three kids in his small elementary school class every year with the same title. This made us both realise the importance of uncommon baby names and why we should probably think about that when we named our respective children one day.

Giving your child a rare baby name is more than just not wanting them to turn around all the time thinking someone is talking to them when they're not (although, it's a little bit of that, too). Parents want to go the undiscovered route and give their child a treasure that makes them feel special and unique and that allows them to stand out in a crowd. And not being one of many seems to be the popular mindset as of late, seeing as research has shown that the percentage of children given one of the 50 most popular names of the year is on a decline since 2004. Keep reading to see some of the cutest uncommon baby names we've been eyeing. 

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