Do You Have the Sunday Scaries? Make Your Weekend Feel Longer

Genevieve Fish

We look forward to the weekend all week—these two days of freedom are undeniably wonderful. But often it feels too short to enjoy. We crash early on Friday night—exhausted from our work week. We get our errands done on Saturday morning and finally get out of the house by nighttime. Come Sunday morning, we already start feeling the anxiety of a looming workweek. More often than not, we find ourselves at home on Sunday night wondering how 48 hours could have possibly flown by when Monday through Friday seemed to drag on forever.

Worry not! We’ve tested five weekend-extension methods and are happy to report that by bedtime on Sunday, we felt rested, ready for the week, and full of memories from our adventurous weekend. The secret lies in smart scheduling to make the most out of each precious hour—all the while getting the essentials done. Make your weekend feel longer with these clever tricks.

Prioritise Friday Night

After work on Friday, make sure you make the most of your evening—go for after-work drinks with friends, have a date night at a hip new restaurant, or at least have a rambunctious night in. Why? After excessive research on our part, we’ve realised that making your big night Friday as opposed to Saturday is ideal. That way you bundle your hangover sleep and tired workweek sleep all in one and don’t let it consume your entire Sunday. That being said, if you can avoid alcohol Saturday night, or just take it extra easy on the cocktails, your Sunday self will thank you. By making your weekend top-heavy on the cocktails side, you can divide your weekend into three stages. Stage one is Friday night, your time to have fun and unwind. Stage two is Saturday, your recovery day. That leaves Sunday for stage three, your productivity/exploration day.

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