This Is Where Spanish Girls Actually Go on Vacation

Sophie Miura

Courtesy of We the People

There's no doubt that the longer you spend in a country, the more you begin to appreciate the subtleties that only locals are attuned to. After all, when you're not racing through an itinerary, you can explore every beach, village, and city at your own pace. This was certainly the case for fashion blogger Jessie Bush of We the People, who relocated from New Zealand to Europe and now splits her time between Barcelona, London, and Paris.

The honorary Spanish native has spent the last year living like a local, whether it be soaking up the sun on a white sand beach in Menorca or sampling tapas and sangria in Seville. Here, Bush reveals the destinations on her must-see list in Spain—the spots that Spanish girls frequent and travellers will love.

There's still time to plan a summer vacation—Here's how to see Spain like a fashion blogger and look the part, too.


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