Why Every Tastemaker Is Visiting Portugal (and How to Copy Their Itinerary)

Hadley Mendelsohn

Is it just us, or are all the A-listers vacationing in the South of France or the Almafi Coast this summer? As much as we love pasta, pizza, lavender fields, and Mediterranean beaches, it's always inspiring to spot our favourite tastemakers and influencers in slightly less expected destinations. So we're pretty excited that another dreamy (and affordable) European locale is taking the spotlight in our social media feeds: Portugal. With pastel tile–lined buildings, breathtaking geographic formations, panoramic beachfront views, gourmet eateries, and centuries of history to soak in, it's no wonder that It girls are flocking to this Iberian treasure.

Since we can count on the likes of Lucy Williams, Julia Mateian, Ally Walsh, and Camille Charrière to curate a travel experience worth re-creating (outfits included), we compiled all the highlights from their itineraries as well as those of Portuguese influencers for the ultimate guide to travel Portugal with. And although I'm not an It girl, nor is my Portuguese grandfather, I rounded out MyDomaine's grand tour with my firsthand travel tips.

Are you ready for your tour of continental Portugal? A word of caution before we take off: You may end up quitting your day job once you see what this gem has to offer; blame it on the pink caves, luxe treehouses, mystifying castles, and seafood. We'll begin our journey in the southern region of Algarve, then make our way up the coast to Lisbon and Sintra before exploring Porto and finishing strong in the northern provinces. Read on to discover where to shop, sleep, and dine as well as the best things to do in Portugal for an unforgettable, stylish vacation (or daydream turned Pinterest mood board).


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