Here's Where to Vacation Next, According to Your Personality

Sophie Miura

Our Instagram feed offers travel inspiration aplenty, but how do you know which bucket-list destinations you’ll actually enjoy? It all comes down to your personal preferences. An introvert might love the serenity of a remote island getaway while an extrovert would crave companions. Meanwhile, an extrovert would feel exhilarated in the pulse of a big city while an introvert might feel drained and exhausted by the crowds and chaos.

So how do you find your perfect vacation match? We turned to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, one of the best-known psychology tests, to pinpoint the most common character traits. Then, we scoured the globe to suggest the most beautiful and must-see locations that are suited to each personality. If you don't have your Myers-Briggs score, answer our simplified questions below as a guide. If you know your type, break it down letter by letter to find destinations that best match your traits.

Pack your bags—here's where you should vacation in 2017, based on your personality type.

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