The Genius Travel Hacks You'll Wish You Already Knew

Lauren Powell


Each of us love nothing more than packing our bags and whisking ourselves away on an adventure. Whether it be a road trip, escape abroad, or a weekend away, there are a few simple and surprising travel tricks that can make these memorable getaways even better. We’ve rounded up our favourite, and the most genius travel hacks to make your next vacay that little bit more seamless. Scroll on to make your next holiday your most organised one yet.

Secret iPhone charger

If you forget your iPhone charger wall plug (we’ve all been there before!) never fear— charge your iPhone or iPad using the USB slot on the back of your hotel TV.

Tangle-free jewellery

It seems part and parcel of a holiday to turn up to your destination with tangled jewellery, but not anymore. Take a drinking straw, thread your chains through, and clasp together—genius!

Group smaller items

For the loose, smaller items that don’t seem to have a home in your suitcase—think sunglasses, belts, charger, and cameras—store it all in a pillow case to keep it all in one place and avoid trawling through your suitcase time and time again.

Tag it fragile

Whether your suitcase is only full of clothes, shoes, and bags (guilty!) tag your bag as fragile every time you fly to ensure your luggage is being cared for as best as possible.

Recycle your skincare jars

Put your beautiful ceramic skincare jars to good use (post-use, of course) by storing your rings, earring, and fine jewellery in them when you travel. Not only does it keep them in a nice safe place that’s easy to find, but it will also prevent them from any damage.

Use the Google Maps feature

Did you know you can access Google Maps without an international plan? Say goodbye to wandering the streets of a new city in an ambitious pursuit to find your destination sans map. You can use this feature by simply zooming into a map area you want offline in the maps app and typing "OK maps" into the search box, and then this data will be available even when you don't have data connectivity. Also, remember to take screenshots of searches when you are online and use them as guides.

Purchase a phrase book

If you’re travelling abroad, a phrase book will be your best packed item. Sure, you’re not going to be fluent in the local language, but knowing and attempting the basics will make your experience more enjoyable, meaningful, and satisfying. Plus, the locals will love it.

Keep a copy of your passport online

Keep a copy of your passport in your email inbox so you can print it out if you ever lose your passport (touch wood!). This will also help expedite the process of getting a replacement. 

Bring an external battery for your mobile phone

Exploring all day long can make your phone quickly drain so remember an external battery every trip—it’s as important as your normal charger!


Take a power strip for your electronics, so you will only need one or two local adaptors—potentially the most useful item you’ll pack.

Pack our favourite leather travel goods below.

Do you have any genius travel hacks you’d like to share?

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