Instagram Travel Tip: How to Master the Flat-Lay

Sacha Strebe

While the selfie still reigns as the most popular image on Instagram, the most iconic would have to go to the humble flat-lay. If you need proof, just click through to Flatlays, a dedicated Insta account featuring more than 35,000 perfectly arranged squares. What started out as a great way to show off your #ootd has quickly turned into the perfect travel journal. From travel bloggers to holidaymakers, the fixed four-by-four format is a fun way to document your jet-setting essentials, passport stamps, new country's currency, snorkel style, glamping gear, and motel mementos, all while putting your creative skills to the test. So just what is the difference between a travel flat-lay and a regular one? While the overall look remains the same, there are a few key differences. Scroll down to find out how you can take the perfect shot on your next trip.

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