Why Instagram Could be the Secret to Your Best Holiday Yet

Lauren Powell

This Island Life

While we’d like to think of ourselves as seasoned travellers, the fact that work and life have other plans for us (rather than than jetsetting around the world month after month), means we turn to the pros when it comes to travel tips and inspiration. We recently added these genius travel blogger’s tips to our little black book, and we now have another clever hack to add to the list thanks to founder of travel blog, This Island Life, Laura McWhinnie and our all-time favourite app, Instagram.

“Whether I’m travelling to a remote island or a big city, I always search the location’s hashtags and geotags on Instagram before I get on the plane. Instagram is a great way to research the destination you’re visiting because you get to see it from a range of different perspectives,” suggests McWhinnie. “One photo might be from a tourist zip-lining, the next could be a local posting from a beach that’s off the beaten track, followed by a serious foodie sharing the best place to experience traditional cuisine.”

The globetrotter also cleverly suggests to use the social platform to find the best spots in town. “If you’re into photography, Instagram is also a great way to scout for locations—particularly the best spots to watch and photograph the sunrise and sunset,” says McWhinnie.

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