The 5 Travel-Inspired Baby Names You'll Want to Steal

Kelsey Clark

Reminiscing about an unforgettable trip can extend past your camera roll—naming your newborn after a destination close to your heart is a poignant, unique way to inject meaning into a name. Our friends over at PureWow felt the same, and compiled a list of adorable baby names all inspired by travel. Below, read up on our top five favourites that give us just a touch of wanderlust:

Valencia: As the port city of Spain, this name means "brave." 

Austin: This musical city in Texas means “magic” and “dignity.”

Brooklyn: Take inspiration from the New York City borough that Jay-Z, Barbra Streisand, and more call home.

Aspen: This name stems from a type of poplar tree out west that grows pretty, heart-shaped leaves.

Cheyenne: As the capital of Wyoming, this name recalls beautiful, sweeping plains. 

Head over to PureWow for the full list of travel-inspired baby names, and read up on our favourite Italian baby names for more.

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