5 Traits All High Performers Share

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

We all know that first and foremost it takes a combination of determination, passion, and knowledge to succeed in our careers and to become the #GirlBoss’ we all aspire to be, but according to one of the country’s most successful digital publishers, it all comes down to going the extra mile.

Alison Rice is the publisher of four of Australia’s largest digital publications in the country—Who What Wear Australia, Byrdie Australia, MyDomaine Australia, and POPSUGAR Australia— so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about leadership, management, and what it takes to climb up the career ladder.

Rice revealed in a recent interview with Gritty Pretty that she believes there are certain traits that place you in the high performer category—read: what every ambitious career girl aims for. “High performers generally have a few things in common: exceptional behaviour, trustworthy, high learning agility, self-awareness and a proactive nature,” explains Rice. “We see opportunity, not extra work—and we always deliver.”

In no mean feat, Rice, now just 31, worked her way up the ranks at digital publishing house Allure Media over a five year period where she now holds her title of group publisher—an impressive career journey that she attributes to hard work and curiosity. “I put it down to hard work, natural curiosity and being easy to work with. I knew coming into Allure Media five years ago that there would be opportunity as with any digital start up, but I didn’t chase it,” explain Rice. “You have to be patient and just get on with your job.”

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