Inside a Head Designer's Parisian-Inspired Townhouse

Gabrielle Savoie

Dark carpets, an unrenovated kitchen, and outdated textured walls may deter more than a few people from buying a house, but for Shelby Girard, head of design for Havenly, and her architect husband, Christopher, it was an opportunity to start anew. The couple—who are far from the type to buy a turnkey property—were excited to put their individual stamp on their first house together. So when they stumbled upon a historic three-bedroom townhouse in the Five Points neighbourhood of Denver, it didn't bother them that the place had seen much better days.

"Overall, we loved the bones of the house (which was built in 1889) but knew we wanted to modernize it with new finishes and make it more functional by updating the layout in places. We also wanted to maintain the historic charm of the home," Girard tells us. After ripping up the larger portion of the interior finishes and replacing them with new ones, they were able to create the monochromatic Parisian abode they had always wanted.

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