5 Cities You MUST See in 2017, According to Travel Experts

Sophie Miura

It's only been a matter of days since the holiday season ended, but the combination of winter weather and returning to routine has left us with one thing on our minds: vacations. If you're considering your next trip, the travel experts at Rough Guides have compiled their ultimate list of the top cities to see in 2017. 

The travel authority took a number of aspects into account when compiling their must-visit list. Changes to travel sanctions, rise or fall in tourist numbers, and swelling new cultural attractions have caused their editors to declare this is the best year to see the citiesBook your flights accordingly, and discover these travel gems before the hoards do. 

1. Isfahan, Iran: More tourists are visiting Iran as travel sanctions continue to lift. "The country has so much to offer, from camel-back journeys along the Silk Road's desert dunes to skiing in the Alborz Mountains, but the city of Isfahan remains the jewel in the country's crown," Rough Guides recommends. 

2. Medellín, Colombia: Once regarded as the most dangerous city in the world, Medellín has abandoned its tough reputation. "Today the city is a welcoming, modern place, where you'll find delicious food, buzzing bars, and a lively club scene," the editors explain. 

3. Atlanta, USA: Once often overlooked, Atlanta is now attracting American travellers with its artistic culture, foodie offerings, and shopping hubs. 

4. Guadalajara, Mexico: Recently called "the Latin Silicon Valley," Mexico's second-largest city is home to an annual International Film Festival and International Book Fair, and it is the birthplace of tequila. 

5. Palma, Majorca: New foodie establishments like San Juan Gastronomic Market are changing this Spanish island's reputation for the better. The space hosts food stalls, a cocktail bar, and year-round gourmet events. 

Ready for an adventure? Shop this stylish travel journal and make your 2017 bucket list. 

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