The 13 Best Places in the World to Take Photographs

Sacha Strebe

When any holiday sadly comes to a close, the only sanctitude you have when you get home is going through all the amazing photos you took. But when it comes to photography, not all holiday destinations are created equal. Have you ever planned a trip based on the pictures you’ll take? Well, it might be time to start. Everyone is a professional snapper these days thanks to the high-tech cameras on our smartphones, and we take billions of images every day. Now, with Tanel Tammet's SightsMap, you can even see where people are taking their shots around the world. Using geo-location photo-sharing data from Panoramio, SightsMap shows you on a world map where the most photographed places are; the dark areas are less popular, red is more, and yellow spots are the most. We referenced this site to pull together our favourite list of places to photograph around the world. Scroll down to see our final picks.  

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