This Is What Interior Designers Notice First About Your Home

Sophie Miura

Between selecting furniture, experimenting with paint swatches, and positioning art, there are hundreds of small decisions that go into styling the perfect space. Even the slightest misjudgment, like hanging artwork too high or choosing paint in a gloss rather than matte finish, can have a surprising effect on a room.

Few know this better than interior designers, who have seen their fair share of fabulous (and, yes, mediocre) homes. If you’re planning a renovation or want to give your room a seasonal styling update without expert help, read on. We called on 11 leading tastemakers to find out what are the most common errors they notice so that you don’t repeat them. Are you making these 11 subtle styling mistakes? Here’s how to fix them.

Buying Décor That's the Same Height

The Mistake: London-based interior designer Abigail Ahearn says one simple styling mistake can prevent a room from reaching its full potential. “Without sounding like a drama queen, scale and proportion are the holy grail of design,” says Ahearn. “If everything is the same size or if everything is either too big or too small, your room will read like a hot mess.”

The Fix: Ahearn uses this handy analogy to perfect proportions. “The easiest trick is to think of your space as a city and fill it with a combination of heights and proportions. Look at any cityscape and you’ll find this intriguing mix of scale and a unique blend of fascinating shapes—that’s what you want to nail!”

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