These Are the Most Desirable Companies to Work for in Australia

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Think you work for a great company? Think again. Professional networking service, LinkedIn, has revealed its first-ever list of Top Attractors—read: the companies that are the best at attracting and keeping top talent—and the results may just make you want to jump career ship. The notable list is compiled based on LinkedIn data and the actions of its 433+ million members from job applications, engagement, and position duration. If you’re dreaming of flexible working hours, working abroad, or product discounts—read on. Scroll down to find out how these 10 companies became the most desirable places to work in Australia.  

1. KPMG: Last year, 2,500 employers of the financial giant participated in the company’s “global mobility program,” allowing them to work internationally.

2. PwC: The accounting firm last year adopted what may be the ultimate professional perk—total flexibility—in extending its “all roles are ‘flex’” policy to its 6,000 Australian workers. Employees can opt for four longer days instead of five, or three days in the office and two from home—take your pick!

3. Commonwealth Bank: The bank’s focus is on productivity, automating and improving processes (like verifying contracts), so employees can focus on high-value work. CEO Ian Narev wrote to investors that the aim is not “short-term cost cutting initiatives, redundancy plans or offshoring Australian jobs,” but instead, “a cultural focus on simplicity and continuous improvement.”

4. Coles: The supermarket chain is so in-demand that it told LinkedIn it receives more than 400,000 job applications every year. The company employs about 100,000 across its grocery stores, distribution centres and home office, and says its benefits (in-store discounts) combined with flexible work policies keep jobseekers lining up.

5. Deloitte: Deloitte invests heavily in its employees, offering various training as well as education reimbursement. It also encourages employees to give back: In the 2015 fiscal year, employees spent 340,000 hours on pro-bono assignments and more than 820,000 hours volunteering.


6. Westpac: The bank recently launched a learning portal for leaders and has been experimenting with “agile working.” In multiple offices now, employees aren’t assigned desks but “neighbourhoods,” and can work wherever best suits them: whether that’s a standing desk or a conference table. The bank’s 40,000 employees also enjoy enviable perks: flexible schedules, up to 12 weeks of additional leave each year, plus discounts on mortgages and more, it told LinkedIn.

7. Qantas: Working for an airline brings one obvious thrill: heavily discounted flights. Qantas’s employees enjoy reduced-rate airfare, plus other perks, such as 12 weeks of paid maternity leave or two years’ unpaid leave.

8. LION:  All Lion employees get two days of annual leave to volunteer, and in May 2016, the company re-launched its flexibility policy, giving workers “freedom to choose where, when or how” they want to work, it told LinkedIn.

9. UGL: In the 2015 fiscal year, the engineering firm increased the number of women joining by 36 percent, in part, by ensuring every professional role had a woman on the shortlist, and by deploying psychometrics “to overcome unconscious bias.”

10. CPB:  CPB Contractors is behind some of Australia’s critical infrastructure projects and offer its employees the chance to work all over—whether that’s on the country’s largest transport project in NSW or a major metro rail project in Queensland. “We offer significant and diverse work opportunities in great locations,” it says.

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Do you work for any of these companies? Do they live up to their ranking? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

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