These Stunning Images Will Make You Nostalgic For Your Childhood Summers

Lauren Powell

Courtesy of Tom Blachford

Australian travel and interiors photographer, Tom Blachford, has us reminiscing about sun-filled childhood holidays and dreaming of the upcoming summer break, with his new photographic series Aerial Summertime.

The collection, which features ocean-inspired aerial shots taken from a helicopter, tells a narrative of Australia’s idyllic outdoor lifestyle and how we relish our enviable summer days. The photographs capture a moment in time—from a family of kayakers in crystal-clear aqua waters and young nippers training in the shallows to a lone yacht heading out to sea.

“I think the series has been well received because it’s a new perspective on something that’s quite inhuman,” Blachford told Broadsheet. “To see something zoomed in really close, from quite far away, from an angle that looks like the one you would take if you were peering down at something.”

Scroll down to enjoy our favourite images from the inspiring series and head to Blachford’s website to see the whole series.

Which image is most reminiscent of your summer holidays? Share with us in the comments below!

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