The Most Mouthwatering Toast Recipes We’ve Ever Seen

Sacha Strebe

As the days get cooler, our bodies start craving comfort meals that soothe the soul and make us feel all warm inside. Food is the one indulgent pleasure that will get us all through the shorter days and colder nights, and at the top of our list is gourmet toast, or as the French say, tartine. It’s basically an open-faced sandwich, albeit a very chic and beautiful one. This delicate, sophisticated sandwich will transport you to a dreamy café in Paris with each tender bite. Who knew good old plain bread could be this delicious and nutritious? With so many variations of the baked loaf, from nutrient-dense rye to organic sprouted styles and gluten free, how healthy you want to be is up to the toppings you choose. It’s quick and simple to prepare too: Simply pair your preferred bread with your favourite in-season garnish, and lunch, or dinner is served. Don’t be surprised by the addictive effect this toast will have on your taste buds. From savoury sensations to sinfully saccharine dessert toasts, drool down, I mean scroll down, for some seriously scrumptious recipes.

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