Ask Estee: How to Make Your Home Winter-Friendly

by Sally Holmes
ask-estee Q: How can I decorate for winter?  Leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and the holidays are right around the corner. As fall and winter begin to sneak up on us, there are a few design tips you can use to transform your home into a cozier, warmer, and comfier space.
Cosy Textiles: Changing your summer and spring throw pillows and blankets is a great way to warm up your home for the chillier winter months. Switch out your lighter cotton or linen throw blankets and pillows for more sumptuous options like cashmere or wool blends that lend themselves to keeping you warm as the temperature drops outside. Rustic Ornamentation: When it comes to floral arrangements, try using branches and leaves to add a natural, wintery vibe. I love Terrain's Olive Branch Wreath, which is as pretty dried as it is fresh. Seasonal Aromas: Another way to warm up your surroundings is bringing in candles in some of your favourite fall or winter scents. One of my favourite scented candles for this time of year is Diptyque's Maquis candle, which has a deliciously heavy woodsy and spicy scent. Playing to your senses with richer fabrics, natural arrangements, and flickering candles, will automatically cosy up your home in a budget-friendly way. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy of Lonny

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