People Are Not Happy About Tinder's New Feature

by Daniel Barna

Since its inception, Tinder has been fending off moral watchdogs accusing the dating app of propagating a culture of random hookups. But its latest feature might be its most controversial one yet.

Dubbed Tinder Social, the new option turns swiping into a communal affair, with groups of friends able to match with other groups of friends. While the feature has only been tested on a small group of users in Australia, Tinder has already come under fire for what many believe is a breach of privacy.

While solo Tinder is already linked Facebook, it doesn’t reveal which of your Facebook friends are also on the app. That’s not the case with Tinder Social, which automatically displays a list of friends who might be up for a group hang.

That’s terrible news for people who want their dating lives to remain private, but the controversy doesn’t end there. Some users have accused the new feature of promoting group sex, something the company refused to acknowledge in a blog post explaining its intention behind the new feature.

“It’s a fun new way to meet people with your friends,” the statement said, adding that it’s about “meeting great groups of new people, and turning a basic night out into a night you’ll never forget.” Well, that certainly doesn’t take group sex off the table.

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