5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Experts advise against using Times New Roman as a résumé font. The classic typeface is seen as "boring and mundane." — Huffington Post
  • The Supreme Court is hearing a historic case on wether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Currently, same-sex marriage is recognised in 37 states and the District of Colombia. — The Washington Post
  • Today is International Dance Day. Celebrate with the 10 best movie dance scenes of all time. — BBC
  • A new list reveals the top salary-boosting U.S. colleges. California Institute of Technology tops the list with Stanford coming in 10th. — CNN
  • Hulu scores streaming rights to Seinfeld and future programing on the AMC networks. This is the first time the wildly-popular sitcom has been available to stream on demand. — TechCrunch

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