Time Management Secrets From 5 Working Mothers

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Julie Adams for The Grace Tales

For successful working mothers, it can be an endless juggling act and constant battle to master a manageable work-life balance. Unsurprisingly when you’re the proud owner of multiple titles—mother, wife, business owner, daughter—and the list goes on, implementing effective time management techniques into your eventful days can assist on the journey to balance (and keeping your sanity). While every mother, family, and business is different, first-hand advice and insights from other woman on the same journey never goes astray. We have rounded up some our favourite time management tips from working mothers featured on The Grace Tales for you to keep in mind the next time you need to refresh your routine. Working mums, read on.

Stay in control of your own time

“Don’t let other people take control of your time—make sure it stays your own to manage! It’s very easy to let your inbox become your to-do list, but if you jump on every email as it comes in, you can end up achieving nothing. Take time away from email—focus on the most important things, and don’t try to do everything.” — Tamara Lohan, Co-Founder, Mr & Mrs Smith 


“I’m pretty efficient and race through things quickly—sometimes too quickly! If I know I have two hours, I put my head down and power through my to-do list. That said, my to-do list never seems to get any shorter! I think you just need to prioritise. I can’t answer every single email so I prioritise what needs to be done in order of importance. I also try and keep our house as clutter free as possible so it’s easier to clean up after the girls finishing playing. The more stuff you have, the harder it is to have a tidy house!” — Georgie Abay, Founder, The Grace Tales

Schedule tasks into your calendar

“I recently had a great time-management tip from a friend who runs a business supporting entrepreneurs—I always worked off a to-do list, but now with her advice, I actually diarise those tasks in my outlook calendar every night for the following day as if they were appointments in my day. With that time allocation, I know that I am going to cover them off. The key with any time management though is to be realistic about what you can get done during your work day, otherwise you will constantly feel like you are spinning in the same spot. We also try to not schedule too many things in late afternoon so that we can be hands-on with our kids and be “present” with them rather than trying to do both.” — Natalie Knoll, Co-Founder, Bird & Knoll

Keep multiple to-do lists

“I have a to-do task list on my computer desktop that I update all the time under three sections—personal, business, one day. I shop weekly, get up early and don’t watch TV!” — Madeleine Grummet, Founder, Do Re Me Creative

Keep a weekly agenda

“I stay organised by keeping a diary and writing out a weekly agenda for everything—after school activities, sport, parties, meal plans etc. On Sunday, I generally cook at least two dishes that can either be frozen or fridge stored for a night when I know I’m getting home later or where we’re all busy with activities until later so that everybody eats properly.” — Nicole Bonython-Hines, Fashion Editor

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