Time Management Secrets From a Fitness Entrepreneur

Lauren Powell

Our days, weeks, and months are showing no sign of slowing down (how is it mid-October already?) so it’s crucial we always make the most our precious time. We’ve previously taken on board these 7 foolproof time management hacks and have increased our productivity with this genius hack, but there’s never anything more valuable and insightful than first-hand time management advice. Enter: Fitness entrepreneur Bianca Cheah-Chalmers.

The founder of lifestyle website, Sporteluxe, recently revealed on the popular digital destination how she learnt to master her time in the midst of an exceptionally busy work-life schedule and brimming Outlook calendar. Read on for this company founder’s top time management tips. 

1. Reconfirm and prioritise

“I like to tell my husband or staff what I have on for the day, week and month. Saying it out loud helps to cement it in my mind. It’s like saying affirmations—the more you repeat and visualise the task, the more likely it becomes a reality.”

2. Utilise your calendar

“The calendar works wonders for me. I genuinely love what I do so I tend to forget about time and get caught in the creative bubble (sometimes for hours on end). In my opinion, that’s not being time efficient. That’s why I always add everything (including deadlines) into my calendar. I schedule my yoga workouts, catch ups with friends, meetings, and events, and I prioritise tasks that are urgent.”

3. Create daily to-do lists

“Every morning I create a to-do list. I always pop the tasks that I didn’t want to do from the day before right at the top of the list. Then, I work on my to-do list throughout the day in between my booked calendar events.”

4. Keep an organised workspace

“There’s nothing worse than sitting down at my desk when there’s papers, folders, Post-it notes, empty tea cups, pens, and mess everywhere. I always say that the environment you’re in is a great reflection of the work you produce. That’s why I spend 10 mins every morning clearing my desk and organising everything into their appropriate areas. When it comes time to search for what you need, you know where to look for it.”

5. Find a mentor

“There are so many days where I just don’t have a clue. That’s when my mentor comes in handy. Find someone you’re close to, who is experienced and willing to take you under their wing. Then you can call on them in those times when you need extra advice. This will save you valuable time in researching and outsourcing for the answer. Luckily, my husband is one of my mentors. I don’t know where I’d be without him.”

To learn more of Cheah-Chalmer’s time mamnagement secrets, head to Sporteluxe and the shop 15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management ($27).

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