How This Fashion Label Got Over One Million Social Followers

Lauren Powell

Tiger Mist

Online Australian fashion business Tiger Mist have, like many other budding businesses, proved that social media has served as their most valuable marketing tool. Launched by savvy sister duo Alana and Stevie Pallister nine years ago, Tiger Mist, is now thriving as one the biggest fashion players in the industry thanks to its on point social media strategy. Now, with over one million social media followers, the fashion retailer and wholesaler is showing no sign of slowing down. We spoke to the inspirational and innovative pair to find out all their online secrets and staying ahead of the game—read on, up your social media game, and (hopefully!) watch your business boom.

Can you provide your top 5 tips on building your business through social media:

1. Most importantly, you have to know your customer—if you don't know who he or she is, how can you be relevant to them?

2. Be smart about the network you build around you—we make sure the people in the industry that we work with are right for us and our brand. Otherwise you will start to lose authenticity and who you are as a business.

3. Stay true to the ethos of your brand—what's working for us might not necessarily work for you, so you've always got to remain focused on your business's core values and direction and be sure not to stray from that.

4. Provide quality, engaging content—we spend a lot of time capturing "instagrammable" moments. Whether it's at photo shoots, on location, or within the office. We are real and that's what we want people to see.

5. Have fun! We wouldn't do any of this if we didn't love what we did.

What have you found works, and doesn't work on Instagram?

I’m not sure I could say definitively what works because Instagram is evolving so quickly. Things that are irrelevant today may work tomorrow, or something that works today could become irrelevant tomorrow—you have to be ready for that and adapt with changes. For that reason, Instagram is a channel where you can't have a stringent strategy. It's also designed to show followers a real-time reflection of who you are as a business.

What do you think are the three best ways to grow your following?

1. Again, this is all about content—your content needs to be relevant to the brand and engaging to your customer.

2. Have a quality product offering behind you—we love every Tiger Mist design that we put into the market place. We work hard so that we're proud of each piece we create. This genuine love of our brand comes through in our posts. Followers can definitely tell when you're genuine.

3. Work hard—we are constantly flying overseas and interstate, attending conferences and networking events, researching key trends in the industry. We research everything from digital services to fashion trends because we know we have to constantly be listening to what the Tiger Mist girl wants, and grow with her. 

Does timing matter?

Timing is crucial to us terms of knowing where our customers are in the world. We post very regularly, so we know that our Australian followers are always up to date with what's going on with us. Something that we're particularly aware of at the moment with our international customer base growing so rapidly, is that we have to think about posting at times of the day and night that will allow followers around the world to stay in the loop as well. Before Alana went to the U.S., we were waking up throughout the night to capture our U.S. customer base! So with her there, it's been great to make sure we're capturing both sides of the globe across a 24 hour window.

Do giveaways work?

The right kinds of giveaways definitely work and we often work with like-minded brands to make sure our collaborations are relevant and in tune with what our Tiger Mist girls want. We like to reward our followers and the customers who love us. With that in mind, we do giveaways whenever we can! We recently did one with Pana Chocolate (@pana_chocolate) because we knew the Tiger Mist girls would love a dessert that's also raw and healthy. To be honest though, when we do giveaways, we're  not thinking about gaining more followers, we're  thinking more about whether our Tiger Mist girls will love it. I think that could be the secret to it working too.

Do you think it's important to be on all social media platforms for maximum exposure?

100%. If we weren't, we wouldn't be the business we are today. We're constantly updating all six of our social media channels and making sure the content remains consistent, relevant, and on-brand. It's important to really understand each different platform and how they work because different businesses would benefit from different social media channels.  We're also very aware that what works on one channel might not always work on another, and we adapt our strategies to cater for this. If your business is visual or creative then Instagram can be a huge support, not just for showing product, but also to create a story and visual diary for your customers to connect with.

How do you manage your various accounts?

Myself and Alana run all Instagram accounts (we currently have about five) so that keeps us very busy! We also run Snapchat most of the time. Although often we give this to our models and staff to takeover so that we can maximise video coverage—we know this is always the most engaging content and keeps our channels fresh and exciting. Our online team manage our Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts daily. 

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What are your top tip for social media for business? Share with us below!

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