The One Thing Tia Mowry Wishes She Knew Before Having Kids

If you've been keeping up with Tia Mowry in recent years, you'd know that health and wellness are paramount in her life. She's been upfront about how changing her diet helped her ditch painful migraines, eczema, and other skin concerns, all of which were symptoms of her endometriosis (she even published a book about it titled Whole New You).

Her health comes second only to that of her kids, who she's never been shy about discussing in terms of what motherhood means to her and the difficulties that can come along with trying to get pregnant. Despite the challenges, Mowry is now a mother of two—something she'll tap into when filming her new Netflix series Family Reunion. "I'm more of the new-age mum and that is basically what the show is about," she tells MyDomaine.

Along with promoting her latest foray into television, Mowry has been busy launching a new program called Talking Peanut Allergy aimed at opening up a dialogue about peanut allergies, which her 7-year-old son, Cree, suffers from. Keep reading to learn how Mowry puts an emphasis on health and wellness with both of her children, how she deals with the stress of raising a child with a serious allergy, and the one thing she wishes she knew before having kids. Here are just a few parenting tips we learned from the mum of two.

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