27 Things to Do With Family When Everyone's Bored of the Same Routine

Kelly Dawson

Families can be dynamic, insightful, and comforting. But you know what? They can also be boring. Given all of that history, it's understandable. You were actually there for those entertaining childhood stories your brother likes to tell new friends. You know your sister's habits and preferences as good as your own. You're incredibly aware of what your parents are up to, because they insist on telling you through the bitmojis they just discovered. It's fine, you love them, but family isn't always who you choose to have your fun with because it can routinely get boring. That is, unless you try something new.

The familiarity of family can actually work in your favour when you switch up the go-to routines for a fresh experience. Perhaps your family has never done an escape room together, or maybe it's been years since you've all gathered around a table for breakfast. We put together 27 things to do with your family when bored—whether you have an hour, a chunk of time, or a whole day—so that you can beat a ho-hum schedule and have fun with these loved ones. Hopefully, these ideas will help you reconnect so that new memories can form. Because even if family can be boring at times, they're also your original social circle. No one else can compete with that.

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