6 Productive Things to Do on Your Phone (Aside from Checking Instagram)

Nicole Singh


So, according to research, the average person will spend more than five years (!!!) of their lives on social media. This figure, scary as it may be, somehow still has no effect on how often we frequent Instagram and Facebook for a quick-fix of the latest happenings.

Sure, there's no denying the satisfying feeling that comes with a mindless scroll through one's Instagram feed... But with such little spare time, it can sometimes seem as if we're missing an opportunity to put those minutes to better use. So, to tackle our social media separation anxiety, without the need for releasing the death grip we currently have on our devices, we've sourced six productivity-boosting apps that will actually benefit you. Much more so than seeing the entirety of your Instagram friends on holiday in Europe. (You're welcome.)

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1. Lumosity

If you're looking for a fun alternative for Candy Crush to fiddle with on your commute to work, try Lumosity. A brain-training program designed by scientists to sate your gaming needs, the app helps to stretch your cognitive abilities without feeling like a laborious task. With more than 85 million users, it's bound to be a winner. 

2. TED

Here at MyDomaine Australia, we love hearing about burgeoning research from great thinkers. Whether you need company on your lunch break or just want something to listen to while you pump out a hefty report, TED provides easy, insightful listening. Regular use will leave you with practical knowledge, lots of which is helpful in your day-to-day happenings.

3. Gutenberg Project

We've long spoken about starting a book club in the office, but lugging a weighty novel around can be a hassle. Gutenberg Project provides e-readers with more than 53,000 options, including some of the world's most respected reads. For the paper-devout, the app mimics a book-like format, where you slide your finger across the screen to turn the page. Cool, huh?

4. Daily Page

Research suggests that journalling not only increases mental wellbeing, but also physical health. Enter, Daily Page, a writing app that provides a new word prompt each day, giving the writer 24-hours to complete an entry. And, if you think your latest work stacks up to that of Shakespeare himself, you can share it with others via the app.

5. Hey! VINA

Making new pals when you enter the adult-world is hard. Hey! VINA is a friendship app designed for women with busy careers. It allows you to swipe right (much like Tinder) to meet fellow females and join like-minded e-communities, as well as take quizzes and read articles on bettering yourself.

6. HomeStyler

If you have a weakness for interior styling, HomeStyler is right up your alley. A "virtual fitting room" for your space, it allows you to upload a snapshot of your home and then go window shopping for new items. You'll be able to see what your finds would look like in your space before you buy. While you may not need a new couch, it's fun to play shop for a while (especially when you're doing it from bed).

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