25 Things to Get Rid of When You're Bored at Home

Gabrielle Savoie

We may think we're constantly running on empty with no time to exercise, cook, or see our friends—but that's not entirely true. Even the busiest of women have these rare moments at home—scrolling through Instagram, looking for something to watch on Netflix, or flipping through an old magazine or newspaper. These moments might be short and fleeting, but that's no reason not to make the most of them.

Even if you only have five to 10 minutes to spare—maybe while procrastinating before getting ready for an event or waiting to be tired enough to go to sleep—there are a few things you can toss to make your life a lot more organised and efficient. We tapped organisational expert and author Barbara Reich to guide us through the areas of our home that could use a little declutteringOut with the old, and in with the new—here are 25 things to do at home today to have a cleaner home tomorrow.

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