5 Things You Should Not Buy on Black Friday, No Matter What

Kelly Dawson


If there's one "secret" people love to share about themselves, it's where they scored a good deal. Ask the person with the cute skirt on where they got it, and if it happened to have been on sale, they will probably tell you. We all like feeling as though our money is working for us, rather than the other way around, and that's why Black Friday can be so alluring. It's as though an entire event was made for us to share how much we've saved with loved ones and strangers alike, and those deals and bragging rights are too good to pass up.

But don't let your excitement for slashed prices blind your better judgment: Black Friday is only worth it if you know how to work the system. We found the five things you should definitely not spend your money on as you brave the crowds and the five things that will make the most out of the offered discounts. Follow this guide, and we're sure that you'll return home with that elated feeling of saving a bunch of money on things you want. When that feeling ends, you can always tell someone about it.

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