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Much like our closets (or mine at least) the media landscape can be well…cluttered. Fake news and click baiting are just a few reasons why time-poor professionals find it hard to sift through legitimate information about daily happenings, but also information that is relevant for their careers. Now, a new Australian service, The Squiz, will drop you a new email at 6 a.m. every morning with news you actually want and need to read. So simple. 

So why should you add another email to your inbox? Firstly, The Squiz does news a little differently, with a sassy-edge that will make you laugh out loud on your morning commute. On a practical note, a quick scroll through the email will show you everything from breaking news to celebrity birthdays, important anniversaries and happenings around the world. If you’re more of a podcast gal, you can simply click on the direct link which will give you a snappy, audible rundown of what’s happening. To learn more about The Squiz, we interviewed commercial director, Kate Watson. Below she talks about the idea, and how she built this burgeoning business.

Tell us why you started The Squiz?

In our previous work lives, we would digest the news and brief our boss. So, The Squiz was born from a love of news. But more than that, we saw an opportunity to give busy people—particularly our busy girlfriends—a quick and easy way to keep up with the news. The media landscape is cluttered and we wanted to cut through the noise and deliver an engaging read.

Describe The Squiz in your own words? 

The Squiz is a free weekday news email and podcast that will make your life easier, inform great conversations, and help you know more about what’s happening in the world today.

How did you find your first subscribers?

We literally pooled our entire contact list and signed up all our friends, former colleagues, people we’d briefly met a decade ago and even our barista. That was about 800 people. Since then we have grown to 14,000 subscribers thanks to our readers (#legends) sharing it with their networks. You’ve got to love old school word-of-mouth. 

At what point did you understand that you were onto something? 

We knew when we tested it with a group of 100 people before launch that the content would work. Our open rates have consistently stayed above 50 percent. We are part of our reader’s routine and as long as we're doing that, we’re happy to get up at stupid-o’clock each weekday. 

Was it tough to take that leap and leave full time/secure roles to launch this product?

No. You work hard to give yourself choices in your life. Is it hard work? Abso-bloody-lutely. But we wouldn’t be doing anything else right now. 

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