This 100-Year-Old Building is Now One of Sydney’s Most Exclusive Addresses

Lauren Powell

Courtesy of The Revy

This vast waterfront property on the site of the former Royal Edward Victualling Yard, in the inner-city suburb of Pyrmont, has just been redeveloped to become one of the most iconic and exclusive new addresses in Sydney.

The eight-storey, red-brick building, aptly named ‘The Revy’ in a salute to its heritage, has a history that’s almost unimaginable. Not only has it been a home to the Royal Australian Navy, but it was also once a lair for government spies before being taken over by the military during World War I, and it was the site of anti-terrorism exercises in preparation for the Olympics back in 2000.

Set to house 46 stunning residences by 2017, The Revy development will retain its industrial character and historical exterior with an interior that will be completely renovated and is the definition of luxury. “The Revy’s regal grandeur is something new buildings simply can’t match,” says the development’s interior architect, Blainey North. We’d like to move in immediately. Scroll down to take the tour of this luxury property.

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