Not a Drill: You Can Now Book The Castle’s Bonnie Doon Holiday Home on Airbnb

Nicole Singh


If you think about the cult Australian films that have painted a picture of our national identity for the international community over the years, you really can't go past The Castle. A potentially contentious statement, maybe, but how many times have you used the now iconic phrases, "How’s the serenity?", or "Tell him he's dreaming"? Yup, thanks to the genius of local acting royalty Michael Caton, Eric Bana and Anne Tenney, the whole world now knows exactly how much is too much to ask for, for a pair of jousting sticks. (In case you've forgotten, according to Darryl: "Couldn't be more than $250, depending on the condition.")

Now, in what can only be described as the perfect homage to the working-class Australia depicted in the film, the Kerrigan's holiday house (famously located in Bonnie Doon, Victoria) is available to rent on Airbnb. Yes, it's true. And yes, we are as excited as you are. The three-bedroom getaway sleeps six guests, is filled with '60s-inspired furniture, and features a fireplace and veranda for all your barbecuing needs.

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The space also offers a record player, and a stack of classic vinyl to serve as the ideal accompaniment to a glass of red while the kids run wild amongst the tree-filled surroundings. With most reviews boasting a perfect score of the humble getaway, we’re convinced this is a perfect holiday pit-stop if you’re after a quintessential Aussie family experience. In short: She really is a beauty.



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