The Block's Darren Palmer Shares His Most Valuable Home Decorating Tips

Lauren Powell

Thanks to our obsession with reality renovation shows—hello House Rules, Reno Rumble, and our current fixation, The Block—our DIY decorating confidence has hit its peak. Bathroom renovation? No problem. Paint job? Easy. But before you channel your inner-Scotty Cam, take a cue from interior designer, judge on 'The Block' and author of HomeSPACE, Darren Palmer, who revealed to Huffington Post Australia his most valuable home decorating tips.

“I truly believe the biggest mistake DIY'ers make is not setting a brief. By working out exactly what they need to achieve, what their family requires and what they need to add or subtract from the home to make it work properly as well as considering things like style, mood and budget, people are able to create a plan and plot a path,” Palmer told Huffington Post Australia. “Without the briefing process and having a document to adhere to along the way you can end up with a completely different, or at worst a completely disparate, result than you intended.” Planning on a DIY home project? Read on and take leaf out of Palmer’s expert book before you take the plunge and find out what not to do.

1. Don't just dive in head first without a plan.

2. Don't spend more than you have or more than you should.

3. Don't worry about what your friends think if you love it.

4. Don't please only yourself if you plan to sell your property within the next two years.

5. Don't fall in love with one solution—there are always myriad options and plan B is often better than your first intention.

6. Don't be timid—use your character and personality to inform decisions and commit to them wholeheartedly. It's not the risks you take that you regret, it's the chances you missed that keep you awake at night so just have faith, plan and commit to a bold solution that you are passionate about.

To learn more DIY decorating tips from top interior designer’s head to Huffington Post Australia and shop Palmer’s new book HomeSPACE.

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