Genius Home Organisation Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Lauren Powell

Who knew such humble changes could create such huge results? We love easy updates with big outcomes, especially when applied to mundane jobs such as organising our "stuff". Try these home organisation hacks today, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling more efficient tomorrow. 

Utilise your kitchen cupboard space—or any cupboard space for that matter—to its full potential by placing freestanding shelves inside. Depending on your shelving selection, you can potentially triple the amount of storage space without creating any permanent fixtures. Extra storage for extra crockery is always okay with us. 

If there is anyone out there that has a tidy kitchen sink cupboard, we’re already impressed. Pushing through a cluster of half-empty bottles and every possible variation of cloths until you find the cleaning product required is generally the reality. The truth is, a simple rod will change everything. Place the rod (or heavy-duty string or rope) across the cupboard at two-thirds high to hang your bottles for easy access while leaving the entire surface for the cleaning accessories. Go the extra mile and place these bits and pieces in plastic tubs. There, cleaning just began to look more attractive. 

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Never waste five more minutes of your life looking for your keys, phone, wallet or sunglasses again. Invest in a beautiful tray to place in your home’s entrance, on your kitchen bench or a spot you pass when you walk in the door. Think of this tray as home to your life essentials. Get into the habit of placing your items on the tray so they stop playing walkabout. Choose one you love so you’re more inclined to notice it and use it.

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Rather than important documents floating loosely in notebooks, folded into your wallet or at the bottom of your handbag; glue an envelope into the back of your diary and you have yourself the prefect storage and keep-safe solution. Looking for a lost receipt for hours on end certainly gets dull.

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Easy access, more bench space and tidier drawers—just some of the benefits of hanging your utensils on your kitchen wall. Add a minimal rod that matches your kitchen fit-out to the wall and hang your kitchen utensils, pots and pans to create more storage space. Better than a blank wall, right? Plus, how could we refuse extra kitchen storage space!

From muffin tins to ice cube trays and shoe boxes, get creative with your existing household goods and turn those chaotic “everything” drawers—kitchen, bathroom or bedroom—into works of organised art.

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See, candles can last forever. How could you possibly throw those beautifully labelled glass jars away anyway? They make for perfect storage containers for stationary, makeup brushes and succulents (anything goes!). So continue to burn away.

Surely one you've heard before, but nevertheless, an excellent and effective organisational trick. Decant your key kitchen ingredients—think spices, cereals, sugar, flour—into clear containers. Not only does it look satisfyingly neat, but it makes for easy finding and effective monitoring of stock levels. Never ask the neighbour for sugar again!

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What are your best household organisational hacks? Share with us in the comments below!

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