The 12 Best Warm Neutrals For Your Walls

Julia Millay Walsh
Unless you elect for a true white, such as Farrow & Ball's All White, most neutral paints will have some undertones of red, yellow, green, or blue that create either a sense of warmness or coolness. Warm colours -- hues from red to yellow (browns and tans included) -- advance toward the eye and appear more active. By contrast, cool colours -- hues from blue green to blue violet (most grays included) -- appear to recede. As a result, warm colours have a stimulating effect, while cool colours tend to be calming and relaxing. Paints with warm pigments are ideal for communal spaces, workspaces, or entertaining spaces, where you and your guests want to remain alert and keep the conversation lively. If you're looking for a shade that's light but still bright, while also versatile and engaging, a warm neutral is your ticket. We've picked the cream of the crop, so you can put down those swatchbooks. Coat your walls with one of these beauties; they will complement more colourful artwork, accessories, and fabrics.

What neutral paint colours have you used in your home? What do you love about them? Share the names of your favourite swatches below!


 grant_beige elephant_breath anonymous
"Grant Beige" #HC-83, From $37, Benjamin Moore "Elephant's Breath" #229, From $95, Farrow & Ball "Anonymous" #SW 7046, Price Upon Request, Sherwin-Williams
 linen bone manchester_tan
"Linen", $40, Restoration Hardware "Bone", From $13, Jeff Lewis Colour "Manchester Tan' #HC-81, From $37, Benjamin Moore
liberty_bell bleeker_beige  old_white
"Liberty Bell" #AR721, $6, Valspar   "Bleeker Beige" #HC-80, From $37, Benjamin Moore "Old White" #4, From $95, Farrow & Ball
quarry reverse_pewter creamy
"Quarry", From $13, Jeff Lewis Colour "Revere Pewter" #HC-172, From $37, Benjamin Moore "Creamy" #SW 7012, Price Upon Request, Sherwin-Williams
Photographs: Jenny J. Norris, Eric Piasecki, Jean Marc Palisse, Chris Everard, BHG, Amanda Nisbet, Cote de Texas, Farrow & Ball, Eric Piasecki, Michael J. Lee, Design*Sponge, Katie Ridder, Jessica Helgerson      

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