32 Party Conversation Starters

Katie Sweeney

With any big family celebration, you never know what will happen. Your cousin could declare their veganism when your dad sets the turkey on the table; your crazy aunt could show up with a bunch of clothes she got at the thrift store and insist you do a pre-dinner fashion show; your brother’s new girlfriend could start talking about the US election, despite her conflicting political views.

Whatever happens, it’s good to come prepared with a few conversation starters to steer table talk in a safe direction—especially if there’s going to be a seating chart, you don’t know who you’ll end up sitting next to at dinner. To avoid awkward silence and ensure that the holiday goes off without a hitch, think of a few positive subjects to discuss that go beyond the weather. Need ideas? Here are 32 party conversation starters to get you through the holiday season. 

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