Teresa Palmer Reveals Her Favourite Thing About Motherhood

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Australian actress Teresa Palmer is goals. Not only is she one of our most successful home-grown Hollywood exports, the Adelaide-born, L.A.-based beauty is also the founder of inspiring online destinations Your Zen Life and Your Zen Mama. An active philanthropist, and mother to one of the most genetically blessed children you’ve ever seen, she's certainly inspiring. Palmer, who is expecting her second child (a baby boy she has already named Forest) in a matter of weeks, is also mum to her two-year-old son Bodhi Rain and husband Mark Webber’s eight-year-old son Isaac.

In an exclusive interview with GRACE Magazine, Palmer speaks candidly about movies, marriage, and motherhood like she never has before. Read on to find out how motherhood has changed her, how she describes her parenting style, and what she says is her number #1 challenge as a mother.

On how motherhood has changed her…

“It has changed every aspect of my life. All of my interactions, experiences and adventures are connected to my son because the world is so much more vibrant now that he is here. Every sensation, colour, feeling, moment is richer and deeper. The frequency of the world has changed for me.”

On her parenting style…

I parent as consciously engaged into Bodhi's world as possible. I'm really silly and goofy with him, we are always laughing and having adventures, we are super-affectionate, sleep together, share our thoughts, stories and worlds with each other. I include him in every aspect of my life. I really try to view him as an individual with his own thoughts, emotions and way of doing things.”

On the most challenging part of motherhood…

“My connection to Bodhi is so strong and deep that my feelings surrounding his suffering in any form have been challenging. There will be moments when he is in pain, hurting, afraid and I need to be accepting of all of the life lessons he will learn, even if the thought of him having any kind of hardship is confronting for me.”

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