12 Teen Bedroom Ideas So Good You'll Want to Steal Them for Yourself

Hadley Mendelsohn

Decorating a bedroom for a teenager—or with their help—can cause a lot of tension. Not only do you want to guide them to decorate a room that feels cohesive with the rest of the home while also giving them enough freedom to do as they please, but you also want to accomplish this without getting into any arguments that end in tears of slammed doors. Well, consider our 12 teenage room ideas your solution to decorating a stylish, age-appropriate room that works for everyone in the family.

Whether you're looking for tips to create a cheerful and vibrant aesthetic, you need help figuring out how to maximise a small space, or if you want to figure out to repurpose items from their younger years, these stylish examples of teen bedrooms will guide you. Scroll through to get inspired, regardless of your age. 

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